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When using the Advanced Search page on the Playtime Games website, keywords may be separated by the AND and/or OR statemens for greater control of your search results.

For example, Microsoft AND mouse will generate a search result that contains both words. However, using mouse OR keyboard, will result in a returned set that contains both or either words - potentially resulting in more results found.

Exact matches can be searched for by enclosing one or more keywords in double-quotes.

For example, "notebook computer" would generate a search result matching that exact search string.

Brackets can be used for additional control of the result set. For example, Microsoft and (keyboard or mouse or "visual basic").

While combinations of these statements and markings can result in very specific results, complex search statements often contain unintended errors that result in unintended search results.

With this in mind, keep your search statements short and to the point.

If at any time you need assistance regarding a game or other information, please contact us.

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